Lockwood 001 Touch supplied and installed in North Balwyn

Are you sick of having to use keys to get into your house? Maybe you are sick of locking your self out or losing your keys? Then this is the solution for you, the Lockwood 001 Touch is a digital keyless entry lock that can be fitted to most swinging doors(even in place of existing locks as seen in the photos below). It has a light up touch key pad that can be seen clearly day or night. It runs on batteries so no need to run any wires to it and if the batteries go flat it has a 9v battery over ride system so you can never be locked out. They are very user friendly and secure. Call Luke’s Locks today for a quote!


These new locks and handles were fitted to a family home in North Balwyn. The family was sick of having to carry their keys around with them all the time. All the internal locks have been replaced with new handles from the old, tarnished and out dated gold to a satin stainless steel handle. Glass knob cupboard handles were also installed.

IMG_4236IMG_4399IMG_4401  Before and after shots of the new Lockwood 001 touch keyless entry lock fitted in place of the old deadbolt along with some new handles.


IMG_4403IMG_4419 IMG_4420IMG_4418  Before and after shots of the new internal handles fitted in place of the old gold handles.