Rekeyed Locks In Epping

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A residential property re-keyed in Epping to stop the old keys from working. All of the locks were keyed alike so they now all work on the same key.

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Emergency Lockout In Yallambie


One of our customers accidentally lock themselves out in Yallambie located near Greensborough. Luke’s Locks was able to gain access  and retrieve the keys from inside the house with no damage to the door or existing locks.

Emergency Rekey Lower Plenty


On Sunday Morning (Mothers Day) Luke’s Locks was called out to an apartment to do an emergency re key to the locks and stop the old keys from working in Lower Plenty. While the customer was home and an intruder entered the property with a key.

This is why it is very important to get your locks re keyed when moving into a new property. Previous tenants or occupants may still have keys to your property. Do you know who has a key to your property?

Lock fitted in Doreen


New Brava Deadbolt supplied and installed to a garage door in Doreen.

New Locks In Wollert

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New Lockwood 005 Deadbolt supplied and fitted to a front door in Wollert.

Luke’s Locks was initially called to the property to let the customer back into his home. While we were there the customer wanted to increase the security of the front door. This lock is a great way to highly increase the security and strength of the door.

Lockwood 001 Touch supplied and installed in North Balwyn

Are you sick of having to use keys to get into your house? Maybe you are sick of locking your self out or losing your keys? Then this is the solution for you, the Lockwood 001 Touch is a digital keyless entry lock that can be fitted to most swinging doors(even in place of existing locks as seen in the photos below). It has a light up touch key pad that can be seen clearly day or night. It runs on batteries so no need to run any wires to it and if the batteries go flat it has a 9v battery over ride system so you can never be locked out. They are very user friendly and secure. Call Luke’s Locks today for a quote!


These new locks and handles were fitted to a family home in North Balwyn. The family was sick of having to carry their keys around with them all the time. All the internal locks have been replaced with new handles from the old, tarnished and out dated gold to a satin stainless steel handle. Glass knob cupboard handles were also installed.

IMG_4236IMG_4399IMG_4401  Before and after shots of the new Lockwood 001 touch keyless entry lock fitted in place of the old deadbolt along with some new handles.


IMG_4403IMG_4419 IMG_4420IMG_4418  Before and after shots of the new internal handles fitted in place of the old gold handles.

Gainsborough Lock repaired in Doreen

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A four month old Gainsborough Trilock Omni had to have replacement parts fitted due to parts missing and being incorrectly fitted by the Carpenters. This caused the lock to break internally and the door couldn’t be opened in Doreen.

Roller door anchors and Abus Padlocks supplied and fitted in Greenvale

IMG_4193Extra Lock roller door anchors supplied and fitted to a double garage in Greenvale. These Locks are a fantastic way to secure your roller doors at the home or factory. The Abus 83/50 closed shackle padlocks have been keyed alike to match the existing locks in the house. These particular padlocks cannot be cut off with bolt cutters.

Locks supplied and installed in Watsonia

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New Whitco lockable window locks supplied and fitted to sash windows. Windows can also be locked in the open position for air flow.

A new Lockwood patio bolt also installed to a sliding door and keyed alike to the existing door locks.

Locks re-keyed in Mernda

Deadlocks, entrance sets, sliding glass door locks and security doors re-keyed and serviced to stop the old keys from working in Mernda.

Locks re-keyed Mernda
Locks re-keyed in Mernda